Accomplishing Your Goals in Any Political Reality
Coalition Building

Issues and opportunities in Washington do not exist in a vacuum, but are connected in a thousand different ways with other business and organizational challenges that you face, and there are times when you cannot stand alone. Alliances are most effective when they employ credible voices to build support.  The combined voice of allied organizations, stakeholders, and advocates exerts a powerful influence on the legislative process and can bring impressive results not easily achieved by any single entity.

Atlas Advocacy knows coalition building. We know how to navigate the dynamics of third party organizations. We know how to bring together a diverse group of allies to shape and influence public policy and reputational issues impacting our clients. We open doors, identify strategic connections, foster relationships, build alliances, and amplify messages. We know how to maximize the effectiveness of the overall campaigns, initiatives and partnerships.

Policymakers will not be able to forget you when they are inundated by an army of supporters echoing your message.

At the heart of advocacy is the ability to move people to act. Our grassroots engagement campaigns identify individuals at the grassroots level who share your goals, needs and challenges and coordinate their activation. The supporters we mobilize together become powerful advocates, able to drive the course of a business, industry, cause or product.

But building grassroots support is not just collecting a list of names. The ease of federal contact ensures policymakers are swamped with often artificial grassroots support at every turn. So how do you separate your program from the pretenders? We find different and unique pathways to direct credible support targeted to the highest levels of leadership.
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