Accomplishing Your Goals in Any Political Reality
Our Encompassing Approach
Achieving and then remaining at the top of decision-makers’ minds requires a multi-faceted approach in today’s information overload environment.

Don’t tell anyone, but Washington actually wants to get things done...

Members of Congress still must prove to voters their effectiveness in Washington. You must be positioned to meet the right needs at the right time. An inclusive advocacy strategy can shape the environment for the issue or situation and position you for opportunities.

Interlocking and integrated strategies are crucial to any advocacy approach. Each stage requires targeted methods to build the foundation to accomplish your goals. Establishing a clear vision is the first step in launching a successful program. Certain and specific tactics are appropriate at different stages with emphasis kept on maintaining the vision for success. Issues or products must be uniquely defined, targeted to the appropriate audiences, and effectively outline solutions.

Stages of Advocacy

We will build your program to accomplish your goals...

Atlas Advocacy programs separate your goals and priorities from the avalanche of meetings and paperwork overwhelming the government workforce. Tomorrow, there will be thousands of lobbyist storming Capitol Hill. Most will be disregarded. Our advocacy strategies will ensure you are not only remembered but remain at the top of decision-makers’ minds.
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