Accomplishing Your Goals in Any Political Reality
Strategic Communications

Our encompassing approach works with you to develop the message, the plan, and then follow through to effectively deliver the message to the right place at the right time for maximum impact.

Generating earned media for your issue is just one part of an effective advocacy campaign. Lasting influence is attained when your message has penetrated decision makers at every level. Our approach incorporates bottom-up “grassroots” and top-down “grasstops” education and communication tactics to build support for your goals. In this age of information overload our plans incorporate digital media strategies and more traditional forms of communication to be successful. Different audiences receive information from varying sources. We identify the best avenue to reach your audience to maximize effective reach of your message.

We will work with you to determine your goal, identify and understand the audience(s), develop messages, select appropriate communication channels, establish activities and materials, and implement and sustain your plan.

Success in modern issue advocacy requires organizations to not only deliver the key messages to media and journalist but to educate and inform decision makers, community leaders, and targeted audiences about their issue, position, or cause. Through our synchronized communication tactics targeted toward grassroots and “grasstops” opinion leaders, field activism, coalition management, and strategic alliances our advocacy campaigns produce a groundswell of support and action for our client’s position.
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