Accomplishing Your Goals in Any Political Reality

"In politics, nothing moves unless it's pushed."

The “traditional approach” has become less effective...

In 2012, there were 12,390 registered federal lobbyists, including hundreds of former Members of Congress serving as “advisors” in Washington, D.C.  The cost for these services was a reported $3.3 billion. In spite of this unprecedented spending, the elimination of earmarks shut down the clearest path to federal victory. And, the stalemate culture on Capitol Hill led to the least productive Congress in history.

In Washington D.C.’s “gridlock” culture, reliance on “access” is no longer a lasting or effective strategy. Increasing transparency demands and the reality that “access” is temporary places a premium on substance and a multi-level integrated advocacy approach.

"Your great idea will only succeed
by putting energy and hard work behind it."
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