Crisis Management

Be prepared to face the unexpected.

What is a "crisis"?

A crisis is any situation that threatens your integrity or reputation of your company. It is dangerous to think "it won't happen to us." A crisis can happen to is how you handle the crisis that is remembered. Atlas Advocacy works with you to develop the confidence to face a potential crisis if it arises.

A tiered approach

Planning ahead, building support for your goals/issues, and developing a strong advocacy support network creates a reservoir of goodwill capable of moving you past any crisis with minimal residual effect. Our encompassing approach assesses potential risks and develops risk mitigation plans accordingly. We use opposition research techniques to identify vulnerabilities and work with you to lessen them and, where appropriate, instead find strengths to highlight. Our experience in crisis management has proven the need to tell it all, tell it fast and tell the truth. As part of any team, we consistently work closely with our clients to provide composed and continuous support of your crisis management plan and its implementation when needed.