Advocacy Campaigns

Building a comprehensive program to achieve your goals

We're different.

The days of a lobbyist walking into a congressional office with a list of requests and an expectation of success are long gone. Transparency, political gridlock, and procedural rule changes now dictate you must build support for your mission outside of Capitol Hill. Before ever setting foot in an office, we develop a program to form and protect your reputation with the federal government, establish your expert credentials, and position your enterprise to fulfill their needs.

Our complete approach to advocacy campaigns begins with listening to you. Your needs. Your challenges. Your goals. We ask targeted questions, building a foundation for a campaign that leads to success.

Spend smarter, not bigger.

Our messaging strategies slice through today’s oversaturated media environment to stand out from the crowd. We believe your paid media should be a surgical tool designed to take your message to a targeted audience. We focus on finding unique pathways so your message is delivered to the audience that matters.

Manage events- big or small.

Our partners have led events for Presidents, Members of Congress, CEO’s, non-profit organizations, and the largest trade shows in the world. We understand the logistical, creative needs and inevitable surprises involved in presenting you to your audience. All aspects of the event are done with your goals in mind. Whether planning a small intimate meeting or a large convention style event, we deliver a professional program that fits your needs.